Absolutely heavenly

January 12, 2016

I can’t recall the last time I’ve seen this place so busy on a Saturday night. We had a group of 10, and we chose to sit in the bar versus sitting in the dining room. The dining room is normally a lot quieter. However they had a band there called the tritones and they were fabulous. Surfer guitar music it was pretty cool and not too loud. Sing it out after the first of the year we all opted for salads I had the Hawks salad with buffalo chicken on it and it was delicious. My son that is normal fish and chips but a kid portion and they’ll pretty much take any adult entree cut it in half and call that kid portion if your kids are is tired of cheese burgers and chicken fingers is mine are. And my son got his trademark plate of steamed broccoli which he inhaled. Our server was 100% attentive and awesome. But the best part about the night was the bread pudding. We got a couple pieces of bread pudding which each peach was individually bigger than my head. And coated with this brown sugar cinnamon glaze. Absolutely heavenly. It’s very refreshing to see a restaurant care about what their food taste like in how their servers presented. 8 + for Redhawk tonight great job keep up the good work.

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